Welcome to R-TRANSPORT, s.r.o.

The company was established in 1991 under the business license under the trade name EUROTRANS O&A, focusing on international truck traffic.
In 1992 the company was transformed to EUROTRANS O & R s.r.o. In the year of 2000 the change of shares was made and also the change of trading name to
R-TRANSPORT, s.r.o..

At the present, we are a family company and we focus on the transport of goods within the Europe union. To our main destinations belong Germany and the Benelux.

Our truck fleet keeps canvas articulated vehicles with a loading capacity of 90 cubic meters and with 27 tons capacity. We operate ecological green Volvo trucks and trailers BERGER. We renew our track fleet regularly and keep service them in the branded services.

With years of experiences and reliable track fleet we are ready to provide a professional solutions to your requirements

In R-TRANSPORT, s.r.o.  you will find a reliable and flexible partner.

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